About Us

We are an agency of professional storytellers...

... Specializing in the development of luxury brands in real estate and hospitality.

We are an agency of professional storytellers specializing in the development of luxury brands in real estate and hospitality.

Here, it’s the thought that counts.

Not the quirkiness of the ad shop that produces the ideas, the creativity of the agency that can’t function without their morning coffee, or even the work they’ve done for brands before you. It’s only about your vision, and how together, we can build it into a truly remarkable brand.

New York Roots

Think Critically. Act Creatively ®

Smarthinking Inc. opened in 2006 and was forged from the extensive learnings afforded to the founding Principal, Mark Natale, who worked with some of the top real estate and hospitality groups in New York City.

The robust roster of Manhattan’s real estate, hotels, resorts, spas, and private clubs provided a deep understanding of the value of great storytelling and a first-hand experience in developing, implementing, and measuring brands in a highly competitive market.

Natale’s early successes in developing and working with luxury brands in NYC were the inspiration for our guiding principle, THINK CRITICALLY, ACT CREATIVELY™. These four words encapsulate the agency’s mission of delivering inventive and imaginative concepts that also maximize a developer’s investment.

Mark Natale | Luxury Marketing Agency | Real Estate | Hotels | Private Clubs | Smarthinking Inc.

What We Believe

Building truly remarkable brands is about much more than a slick tagline and great materials. It’s about creating living, breathing experiences that immerse the customer in a story.

A successful brand integrates images, words, products, services, people, and places to create an experience for the customer.

It is the consistent ability to tell a compelling story. No matter how small or insignificant something seems, there exists an opportunity to create an unforgettable experience. We believe that everything communicates.


It is not enough to build a great product. The market is filled with great products, just ask your competitors.

To truly be a world-class brand, you need to be remarkable!

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