In Times Like These…Be Yourself

You’ve spent months, years, maybe even decades developing a brand that gets you noticed, differentiates you from your competitors, makes people desire your product, and ultimately allows you to charge more money for your offering than others.

Despite the current challenges that have unfolded due to COVID-19, now is not the time to stop adhering to your brand standards. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You should now be doubling down on your commitment to your brand. More than ever, people are looking for leadership, dependability, stability, and safety, which presents an opportunity to let your brand shine.

How? You may ask. Here are a few key learnings that you and your brand can begin to implement into your branding and marketing strategies moving forward.

Don't Abandon Your Brand

No matter how stressful times get, do not deviate from your brand. Times like these are precisely why brands exist: consistency and trust. If you have put the time in and built a world-class brand, you're prepared for this. Count on your brand promise and standards to see you through.

If you have not completed the perfect brand yet, get to work, review your current standards and decide who you will be. It's not too late to make your mark.

Give ‘Em What They Want

In other words, don’t focus too much on crazy promotions or complicated packages. People want to safely get away right now and have a sense of normalcy in their life. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one to do that for them? That is something they would never forget, the place that they first ventured out to. To do this, focus on the guest experience. Making sure that when they arrive, that it is everything they could have hoped for! Make sure your team is ready to deliver this experience.

Tell Your Guests A Story… Your Story

And how they will benefit by being a part of it. More than ever, they are looking for experiences like this. Why does what you’re doing at your hotel matter to them? Why should they be a part of it? If you cannot answer this question, you have more work to do on your brand.

Contact Christelle Fourcade to learn how Smarthinking Inc. can help you Be Yourself.

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