5 Rules for Social Media Marketing

Social media has come to be an integral part of businesses everywhere. You can now shop on Instagram, make reservations on Facebook, and get tech support on Twitter – all without ever leaving the mobile app. But, unlike passing trends (we’re looking at you mullets), social media is for everyone, as long as it’s done right. So, here are 5 foundational rules to keep in mind when doing social.

1.     Do it with a purpose.

Your messaging won't go far without strategy – ensure that you have proper guidelines and practices in place for addressing your audience, a timeline for how your message will evolve, and back-up messaging in case the world turns upside down.

2.     Ensure that your brand personality comes across.

If your brand were a person, how would it sound and behave? Does that personality translate to your social media presence? Are you charming? Funny? Conservative? Or are you just forgettable? Your brand’s personality is key to reaching the right audience.

3.     Keep your eye on the prize.

What are you hoping to accomplish on social? Identify your goal and stick with it. At the very least, your goal should be: making the audience aware that your brand exists beyond social media. You don’t have to make a post for National Pancake Day (unless you’re a breakfast joint) if it doesn't translate to conversions. Remember, those who try to be everything to everyone quickly become nothing to all.  

4.     Social is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Yes, having impeccable visuals on Instagram is commendable, but that same effort needs to be applied to customer relations, data collection, and website maintenance. Is your comment section teeming with unanswered questions? Are you capturing cookies to retarget ads and reinforce your latest campaign? Is your website mobile-friendly and ready for traffic from social? A relatable tweet makes for great exposure, but your product should always take priority.

5.     Analyze growth and re-strategize.

Successful marketing is nothing without crunching numbers. So, after starting a new campaign or launching a new product, wait a couple of weeks then dive into the analytics. Maybe you’re disappointed with the website visits you’ve received from your latest post. Still, the margin of sign-ups to your mailing list is nearly double the usual amount – That’s an indicator of a dedicated audience. Remember: Success might be hiding behind a thorough analysis.

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